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Learning of Jesus is a website dedicated to sharing Jesus Christ with others through various media, Bible based discussions, study notes, andpersonal experiences. We want others to see Jesus as He is shown in the Bible and through everyday experiences. The collection of studies, notes and thoughts contained on this site are written and presented by people who are themselves learning of Jesus.

Jesus was, and is, a Friend to all, and we want this site to bea placeforanyone who is feeling stressed, discouraged, guilty, lonely, wanting direction, orstruggling in their everyday life.We find Jesus is the answer, and we want to share in what waysHe is thathelp.

The website contents are offered freely to all, with no attending obligation whatsoever. The only request we make is that the contentsof this site, if copied and/or distributed, be done so in its original entirety, and is properly acknowledged as being from the Learning of Jesus website.

We welcome you to browse through this site. The contributionsare the results of each individual's study and experience. We know that if one has found encouragement in learning of Jesus, another will no doubt find it also. If anyone finds inaccuracies, or has a comment or interesting and relative contribution, please feel free to contact the webmaster.


Today's Thought

-- "We may not understand the reasons why Jesus should help someone such as you; we may not see why He should love us. That does not matter that fact is you are loved! The Creator of the universe says it. He assures it. You have the invitation from Him Come, and you will have rest. You dont need to pay Him, or wait in line, or clean out your house, in order to have Him. No, the invitation is given to you; that it is given, shows you are wanted, of value in His sight.."


What character's life story do you find the most inspiring?