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The Learning of Jesus website is a project coordinated by Michael Shea, a committed Christian who loves to share the love of God with others. He was raised in a deeply religious family, and early in his teens began to search the Bible for himself. Over the years, several subjects have caught his attention, the one most touching him being the way the Bible shows the great love of God in giving Jesus for each one of us. This subject has dominated his studies, and is the central theme behind the Learning of Jesus project.


Michael's desire is that the good news of God's love in Jesus be freely circulated to all. Therefore this website has been designed with this in mind, so that all can freely access the material. The only request we make is that if copying or distributing any of the website contents, that you keep them in their entirety, and that you acknowledge them as coming from the Learning of Jesus website.


Michael is an elder in his local Christian church, is happily married to his wife Naomi, and has a 9 year old son, and a 7 year old daughter. He lives in sunny Queensland, Australia.