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A Love Far Deeper

Tears run down my face
When I think of your great love.
How you sent your only son
Down from heaven above.


How He was born in a stable,
Where the animals were kept.
How you watched over Him
While in the manger he slept.


How you took care of him
And guided Him as He grew,
The way He taught the people,
And led them to you.


He healed the sick,
Brought sight to the blin’
And at a wedding,
Changed the water to wine.


He did all this knowing
The beginning from the end
Knowing He would one day
Be betrayed by a friend.


When I think of how He lived
A perfect life to set me free.
It makes me want to come
To him on bended knee.


Then to think how sinful man
Crucified Him at Calvary.
And all he said was,
“Let their Blood be on me.”


This is a love far deeper
Than man has ever known.
All because He wants us,
To call us His own.


Copyright © 2004 Naomi Shea