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A Mother

A mother has a heart of gold,
Always warm and never cold.


She’s beside you when times are tough,
She’s the one who goes without when there’s not enough.


She’s right by your bed when you are sick,
Doing all she can so you’ll recover quick.


She’s the one who taught you how to read.
Yes, she took care of your every need.


When you were young she changed your nappy,
She did all she could to make you happy.


She’s the one who cheers you when you’re down,
Makes you smile and erases your frown.


She’s the one who keeps the house and washes your clothes.
Yes, She even taught you to blow your nose.


She taught you to tie your shoe and button your shirt.
She took care of you when you were hurt.


She’s the one who taught you how to pray,
Knelt beside you and told you what to say.


Yes, she is your mother indeed,
God sent her to take care of your every need.


Copyright © 2004 Naomi Shea