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Are You Consecrated?  

Do you truly love the lord in every way?
His precepts and law do you wholly obey?  

Do you avoid the evil appearance of every kind?
Or do you compromise and then just act blind?  

Have you consecrated to God your whole heart?
Or have you given Him most, but retained a small part?  

Do you Guard sacredly your marriage and keep true your heart?
Or do you let others so close they might as well be a part?  

Do you pray for your family in these last days?
Or has your prayer time just slipped by the ways?  

Do you pray earnestly, “Dear God, search out my heart?”
Or are your prayer times short and often days apart?  

Do you close the door to temptation? Or is it open a crack?
And then, Oh dear! Why Satan is back.  

Do you love the Lord enough to give up your darling sins?
Or do you harbour unforgiveness toward your fellow kins?  

Are you truly wanting to be a child of the king?
Or oh you love more the world and it’s things?  

Are you ready And waiting for Christ's return?
Or when it’s all said and done, will you just burn?  

Copyright © 2004 Naomi Shea