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Cleansed by the water, purged by His blood,
Pilgrims preparing for Heaven above.

Death to the past and all that there lies,
Following Christ to attain the great prize.

Publicly stating that Jesus is mine,
Iíll cling like a branch to Jesus the vine.

Following His footsteps along the narrow way,
Learning new lessons throughout every day.

Praying and watching that Heíll be my guide,
Walking with Jesus right by my side.

Receiving the power He only can give,
Transforming my heart, while in Him I live.

Offering me grace for each new day,
Bearing my burdens all along the way.

Sheltering me safely in the palm of His hand,
Giving me each day new strength to stand.

With my hand in His I cannot go wrong,
While letting my Saviour lead me along.

Copyright © 2004 Naomi Shea