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Born of a Virgin

Jesus left heaven and came to earth,
Born as a babe by a natural birth.


Out of the descendents of David He came,
Born to a virgin, Mary her name.


While espoused to Joseph, she was found with child,
Not understanding how, Joseph was riled.


Now Joseph being a just man thought
He’d put her away so no one knew nought.


But an angel appeared to Joseph at night
And told Him everything was all right.


“Don’t be afraid to take Mary as your wife,
The baby she carries is a precious life.


For the babe within isn’t like most,
It’s a child conceived of the Holy Ghost.


And call His name Jesus at His birth,
For He shall save the people on this earth.”


Now the Angel had left and Joseph awoke,
And took Mary to wife as the Angel had spoke.


Copyright © 2004 Naomi Shea