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Broken Marriages††

So your marriage is broken and youíre falling apart,
The things that have happened have left scars on your heart.††

You just donít know how you could ever love again,
Just the very thought of it causes great pain.††

Your trust has been broken; youíve been thrown in the dirt,
You never knew how much your small heart could hurt.††

You feel as though you havenít a friend at all,
No one to talk to, no one to call.††

Your heart sinks even deeper into despair,
It seems like no one at all could possibly care.††

But my friend, before you give up in total despair,
Iím writing to tell you that someone does care.††

Yes, Godís watching down from heaven above,
He sees your hurt, your heartache, and your broken love.††

He wants to replace it with a love of His own,
A love that wonít fail or turn cold as stone.††

Heís reaching out to you. Will you take his hand?
Heís waiting to help you, and give you strength to stand. † †

Copyright © 2004 Naomi Shea