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God is Calling Us

God is calling us he bids us draw near,
He want’s us to worship Him in love not fear.


He says…
How long my child before you awake,
Before my hand you decide to take?


How much longer will you just blunder along?
All the while going wrong.


How long before my Sabbath you’ll keep,
How long my child, will you remain asleep?


How long my child will you curse and swear?
Not caring at all that I am there.


How long my child will it be?
Before you come again on bended knee?


How long my child, before you come to see,
The love and care I bestow upon thee?


How long will your music continue to blare?
Not caring at all that I can’t abide there.


How long before my example you’ll follow?
How much longer my child in sin will you wallow?


I paid the price to set you free,
If only my child you’d turn to me.


Copyright © 2004 Naomi Shea