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Harsh Words

Like a bird with a broken wing, that has no strength to fly,
Is a heart that’s been wounded by harsh words, said in times past by.  

And just like a broken wing, a heart takes time to heal,
And it matters not the apologies, the hurt is just as real.  

You can say, “I’m sorry,” but that will never do,
Because words once they’re spoken, become our memories too.  

And memories of harsh words cut deep into the soul,
Cutting at your heart, and leaving there a hole.  

And even after years, there still may be that scar,
Left by unchecked words spoken by someone near or far  

So be careful with your words, check them one by one,
Because once they are spoken, they can not be undone.  

Your words can be uplifting, bringing encouragement and joy,
But if they’re said unchecked, they can hurt, cut, and destroy.  

So ask God to help you to check the words you say
That they may be encouraging, and help someone through their day.  

And may the words you speak, be only noble, good and true,
That others may see Christ, in all you say and do.  

Copyright © 2004 Naomi Shea