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He has your Best in mind  

You chose to follow the Lord,
Each step of the way,
And you let Him guide you
Through each and every day

But right now it seems
Like He’s let you down,
Your face is stained with tears,
Your countenance bears a frown.

Your little heart hurts so much
You think it could break,
And you wonder just how much more,
You are able to take.

You thought you’d found love,
But it wasn’t true,
And now it seems he only wanted
One thing from you.

He’s rejected your God,
And what you know to be true.
But when it came to the crunch
You knew what to do.

You chose the Lord,
You knew what was right.
But inside your heart
There still is this fight.

One part says you loved him,
And now that is lost.
The other says, choose Jesus Christ
At any cost

My friend, don’t give in
To the pressures around,
Keep your eyes on Jesus,
Your faith strong and sound.

He loves you so much
And has your best in mind,
Just hold on to His hand
And this you will find.

He offers something far better
Than you’ll find in this life,
He offers life eternal
Free of heartache and strife.

He’s building a mansion
In heaven for you,
And one day you’ll live there
If you remain strong and true.

So keep your chin up
And a smile on your face,
Trust in the Lord,
And you’ll win the race.

Copyright © 2004 Naomi Shea