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Here’s my Heart

Lord, I’m coming back to you,
I know I’ve gone astray.
I’ve made so many mistakes
Because I chose my own way.


A half-hearted Christian,
Lord that’s all that I have been.
I haven’t shown your light to others,
In me, you, they haven’t seen.


I go to church I profess your name,
But I only follow you halfway.
All through the week Lord,
I forsake you and go astray.


I’ve followed you where it’s suited me,
It’s selfish but it’s true.
But now I want to turn around
And give my all to you.


My heart, Lord, it is marred
By the choices I have made.
The times I did my own thing,
The times I never prayed.


Oh, how I miss the friendship,
That I once had with you.
I miss you being beside me,
To show me what to do.


Lord, I know it’s me that strayed,
And that you were always there.
I feel you reaching down your hand,
And saying that you still care.


I grasp your hand now Lord,
And I want to follow you.
I pray that you would help me,
To do what you would do.


I know it won’t be easy
To go forwards and not look back,
But I know that you will help me,
And keep me on the track.


The road ahead is steep
And without you I can’t endure,
But I know while ever I hold your hand,
My future is secure.


So here’s my heart, my life,
I surrender to your will.
Lord, humble me and use me
Your will in me fulfil.


Copyright © 2004 Naomi Shea