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I Know Not Where to Turn

Here’s my life Lord, I give it back to You,
It’s all screwed up and wrinkled and I know not what to do.

No, I haven’t taken care of it or treated it aright
I’ve just done as I pleased and now behold the sight!

My life is just a mess, I know not where to turn,
The way I once knew right, I no longer can discern.

I’m as a screwed up piece of paper, which seems to have no further use,
And I’ve brought it upon myself by wrongdoing and abuse.

I’ve been a subject of Satan, a slave of the lowest degree,
But now I want to change, turn around and follow Thee.

Although My current state is helpless, I know You can forgive,
I here You whisper, “I am hope; Life that ye may live.”

Your words, they do not condemn me, though Your face, it’s stained with tears.
Tears that You’ve cried while I’ve been lost for many years.

Your grace You freely offer, to cover my every sin,
And by Your love You transform me starting from within.

You never bring up my past or point out where I have wronged.
You just take me in Your arms and give me strength for which I’ve longed.

You assure me it’s alright, my sins are washed away.
You paid the price on Calvary, You died for me that day.

You call me Your child and tell me of Your love
And then You speak of Heaven and the mansions built above.

You talk of how You’ve built a place where I may one day live,
If I’m willing to follow You, my heart, my life to give.

Then You set me back on my feet showing me the way
Reminding me when I’m tempted I only have to pray.

With the assurance of Your love and that You’re just a prayer away,
I set out once again strengthened to walk the narrow way.

Copyright © 2004 Naomi Shea