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I Tried Alone

I poured my heart out at His feet,
I told Him all my pain,
I told Him how I'd wronged Him,
How I'd sinned and sinned again.


I told Him the things I'd done
Had left me bitter marred and scared.
I told Him to do what's right,
I found very hard.


I told Him I wanted to Follow Him
To walk where He had trod,
But I told Him I found it very hard
To give my all to God.


He told me I needed to let go
Of sin and self and lust,
To reconsecrate my self to Him,
And in God to put my trust.


I told Him I couldn't do it,
That each time I'd tried I'd failed,
He said my child you tried alone,
There's no wonder that you failed.


He said He held the key to success
Right there in His hand,
And if only I would follow Him,
I could live the life He'd planed.


He said the key was to forget the past,
And to fix my eyes on Him,
To follow in the greater light
That never will grow dim.


He said to try alone there's
No doubt that I will fail,
But if we worked together,
Over sin I shall prevail.


So now we work side by side,
He leads me by His hand,
Giving me encouragement,
And strength that I may stand.


Copyright © 2004 Naomi Shea