A Free Gift

When I think about my life, and all the things I’ve done,
The face of Jesus I tend to shun.


I don’t feel worthy to even utter his name,
He’s done so much for me, yet I still cause Him shame.


He gave up so much, to come to earth and live.
He wanted to set me an example, and my sin to forgive.


There was no price attached, to the gift He came to give.
He just said, “follow me, I am life that ye may live.”


Yes, this was a priceless gift indeed,
Not something anyone could buy, but something all would need.


To except this gift all you must do is believe,
But if you really love Him, you’ll follow through in word and deed.


So except the gift of life that Christ came to give,
And share this gift with others through in which the way you live.


Copyright © 2004 Naomi Shea